Engineering ⁿ: Engineering the Future or the Future of Engineering. A book by OICE Vicepresident Maurizio Boi


Given the great success of the Italian version, OICE is pleased to announce the release of the English version of the book of Maurizio and Patrizia Boi "Engineering ⁿ - Engineering the future or Future of Engineering?"

The PDF version of the book is already available on at this link

Attached the preview of the volume with the prefaces of Alain Bentéjac (FIDIC President Elect), Kevin Rudden (EFCA President), Jan Van der Putten (EFCA Secretary General), Patrizia Lotti (OICE Past President).

The real challenges of tomorrow are represented by innovative technologies, state-of-the-art tools, and above all, new and evolving organisational models set to make a dramatic impact, such as la Wikinomics,  BIM,  3D Printing,  Blockchain Technology, i bitcoin,  Smart Contracts and Exponential Organisations.
However, the undeniable cultural revolution on the horizon is professional collectivism -- "Collaborative Engineering" is a concept that addresses the shift from project work undertaken by individual professionals to peer cooperation between professionals qualified in the highest specialisations.
This book is the perfect synthesis of Maurizio Boi's lucid, intelligent and attentive analysis of the future of the profession, Patrizia Boi's creative literary approach, and the wonderful photography of Sergio Pessolano depicting diverse peoples living around the world. The result sheds light on the new professional figures engaged inEngineeringᵑ and provides an insightful analysis of their future roles.

Maurizio Boi is an engineer. He is the Vice President of OICE (the Association of Engineering and Technical-Economic Consulting Organisations), a member of the Board of Directors ofEFCA (European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations) and, since June 2014, the OICE delegate representing Italy as part of  FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers). In February 2016, he formed the innovative  start upTE.x which aims to bring extraordinarily innovative methods and tools to the fields of engineering and architecture, leveraging intense research activity undertaken by highly qualified staff.The company is supported by the CollEngWorld community - - which currently has about 1000 members from 35 countries around the world and promotes the new Collaborative Engineering model.

Patrizia Boi, is a civil engineer working with the Italian State Railway Authority. She designs  cultural events as well as public works projects such as parks and cycle paths. She is an expert in Construction Site Works Management, Tenders and Quality Control. Her greatest passion is writing and she is an author of novels, short stories, fairy tales, biographies, articles and interviews. She has been collaborating with the  CollEngWorld community, since 2016, publishing articles and studies on environmental matters.

Sergio Pessolano, from Rome, is a photographer born in 1956. In the 1970s, while still a young medical student, he photographed the protests during the wave of terrorism in Italy at the time - the so-called "Years of Lead" - with passionate engagement. In his mature phase, he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to ethnic and geographic  reportage and his experiences have culminated in the book  'Fragments of a World (published by La Camera Verde). His photography has taken him to more than thirty countries. His images mostly portray faces, eyes, gazes, wrinkled countenances and bright looks, but also places, environments and the artwork of nature and human endeavour, depicting the beauty of the world's most colourful and fascinating cultures.


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