Why join Oice

To improve members' competitiveness and enhance the Association's worth, OICE provides a wide series of services with increasing efficiency. The Web site www.oice.it, and particularly the section reserved for members, is the Association's main platform for internal communications and for providing services.

Notices & Tenders
Using the tender information system, members can consult the OICE database for:
• national and international tenders for engineering services;
• information about tenders, projects and international financing: these are first-hand news items, acquired by direct contact with the customers', or through embassies, Foreign Trade offices, etc.
The information system also includes the full text of notices and tenders and it is possible to search the archives.

News reserved for members includes:
• information about projects and international and development co-operation funding (European Commission, World Bank system, etc.);
• advertising for specialist staff;
• noticies about studies, publications (documentation sent on request), meetings and seminars concerning the sector;
• searches for specialist partners, for joint ventures in Italy and overseas.

Legislative Developments
OICE's legal office continually monitors legislative developments in areas of interest for its members. Our Web site publishes information about new laws and regulations, sentences, circulars, parliamentary records, standard calls for bids. Using this information, members can contribute to the proposals that OICE submits to the related authorities.

Legislative Archives
Our legislative archives contain documents on basic and specialistic legislation, with comments and studies.

International Project
The project is co-funded by the Italian Industry Minister and aims at expanding the activities of Associated companies overseas. OICE has six operative Antennas in target markets: Bulgaria, Egypt, Poland, Romania, Russia, selected by its associated companies the latter Brussels Antenna works as a support towards the EU institutions. OICE organizes business missions and visits, promotes joint ventures and joint participation to tenders with foreign engineering companies, presents its companies to foreign public administrations, ensuring an opened and comprehensive dialogue.

Conference Documents & Records
Our archive contains documentation on conferences of interest to the category.

Press Survey
A daily-updated survey of articles published in the national press concerning OICE is made available to members on the Web site.

Annual Survey on engineering market
Since 1994, OICE has been regularly carrying out analytical monitoring of the market for engineering, architecture and technical-economic services, as required by calls for bids issued by public administrations in Italy and throughout the European Union.

Progetto & pubblico
The Official bimonthly magazine of Oice is Progetto & Pubblico.
It is only in Italian. It reaches companies clients, civil servants, politicians, universities, etc all over Italy.

The Association publishes monographs on various subjects of interest. All OICE publications are sent to its members.

Web Page Reserved for Members
A Web page structure is made available to each member, in the form of a miniature individual site, which can be accessed directly at the Web address www.oice.it/.
Members can directly input, verify and modify their own organisation's data and references, which may also include a picture gallery of projects performed.

Labour Market
The OICE Web site is a tool through which members can:
• consult an archive containing the CVs of Italian and foreign specialists who are ready to collaborate with Italian engineering companies;
• consult an archive containing the CVs of new engineering and architecture graduates available for periods of training;
• publish requests for specialist staff.

Information System on Members' Specialisations
The OICE information system can be used to search for member organisations according to set requirements: specialisations, size, experience in a given country, etc.

Legal Advice
OICE's Legal Office and Consultants can, at the request of the interested member company, provide information and advice on action to be taken in disputes with customers.

Labour Problems
A team of experts in the sector, comprising the Human Resource Managers of leading engineering companies, deals with common subjects. Members can submit problems of general interest.

Quality & Certification
A team of experts is at members' disposal. The information service provides: direct answers to specific questions; and also a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on the Association's Web site.

Members-Only Seminars
The Association is committed to the promotion of seminars among members for the study of specific themes. The main initiatives undertaken include:
• seminars on quality, with essential information on the setting up of a quality system in engineering companies;
• a seminar with SACE managers, leading to major changes in procedures, according to members' requests;
• a seminar with the directors of the European Development Fund, which revealed that Italian firms were not utilising available Community resources;
• a seminar on the Environment, bringing members up to date on action to be taken to amend some procedures amd promote engineering company activities;
• a seminar on market forecasts, presenting an analytical study carried out by one of our major member companies, leading to an exchange of opinions among company managers on the potential of various sectors and geographical areas.
Each initiative has been followed up by publishing a monograph, which has been distributed throughout the Association.

Professional Training Courses
Together with ANIMP, OICE organises courses for "project managers" and "proposal managers", two of the key figures in "engineering & contracting" companies for whom the training provided by university studies is insufficient. The courses are for members only.
Other courses and seminars are organised on specific themes, such as the Environment, Quality, etc.


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