Elected as the new Regional Representative of OICE in the Veneto region eng. A. Martini

Elected as the new Regional Representative of OICE in the Veneto region. Eng. A. Martini: "It must be our priority to end the wild market in the design sector, raising quality and centrality of the project and proposing the Triveneto System of Engineering abroad"

OICE, the trade association that represents members of Confindustria representing Italian engineering companies, has elected a new Regional Representative for the Veneto Region. From his first statement the newly elected, Eng. Antonio Martini, affirms a need to put an end to the wild market of design, focusing on quality of design, and promoting the internationalization of engineering companies proposing the Triveneto system of engineering.

On 13 March 2014, the Governing Council OICE Association (a member of Confindustria grouping the Italian engineering companies) has ratified the appointment of Eng. Antonio Martini as representative for the Veneto Region, Chief Executive of Studio Ing Martini S.r.l. of Mogliano Veneto. The election of Eng. Martini was pounced March 12, 2014, in Venice, at the Venice Assembly held at Confindustria Venezia, coordinated by the President of the Inter-Consult, Eng. Maurizio Boi and OICE Director, Eng. Roberto Piccoli.

In his first statements the new Regional Representative of OICE said: "I accept with pleasure the engagement proposed to me in order to offer my ideas and my energy, my priority is to make every effort to put an end to the wild market that has characterized our industry in recent years after the abolition of the professional fees which has led to the reduction of the quality in engineering services, also in the Veneto region, which produces 20% of engineering services on a national scale. Furthermore, it is necessary to protect the public interest by improving the quality of engineering designs and providing competent work site supervision, all within an environment that encourages engineering companies to engage young engineering graduates, giving them real prospects for a better future. Moreover, having a project that is well done is also within the interest of construction companies in order to allow them to make fair bids with both clarity and transparency; for this I am going to support every initiative, in conjunction with the Ance, to enhance the quality and expertise in design projects, as well as the quality and organization of construction companies. "

Eng. Martini also paid particular attention to the foreign market: "Many engineering firms of the Veneto region during these recent years of severe crisis in the domestic market have rolled up their sleeves and gone abroad to seek new partnerships or open new companies, often alone, and without support of the institutions. Under the advice of Roberto Piccoli and Dino Altieri, the outgoing OICE directors, I would like to exploit this wealth of knowledge and initiatives in order to promote the Venetian working system of all OICE engineering companies and not just individual companies, increasing the ability of each to penetrate more markets in world.

Companies of Trentino and Friuli Venezia Giulia have already joined this initiative. We want try to introduce into the world the Triveneto engineering system, an ambitious project, but so simple that it must succeed, and which may open the door to many enterprises and to the whole supply chain of the construction industry."
During the meeting, lawyer Andrea Mascolini, Director of OICE Legal Affairs, has submitted the attached report analyzing the public market of engineering services and architecture from 2009 to 2013 in the Veneto region - devised by the Tender office and OICE's monitoring unit - sparking an animated debate.

The data shows a real slump in engineering projects on the part of the Veneto public administration from the last five years: a decline of about 63% of engineering projects by the individual municipalities, more than 97% by the provinces and more than 35% by the Veneto Region and its affiliates. Mascolini also explained recent legal developments of interest to the engineering sector and the most significant actions undertaken by OICE at different institutional levels, including the success of OICE in suspending a 4% of additional contribution on foreign sales. The meeting also gave way to the Head OICE's internationalization project, Dr. Francesco Fiermonte, who illustrated some funding programs available for projects in various countries for engineering and architectural organizations, particularly emphasizing for the Mediterranean area, Tunisia for the urban sector and Algeria for the business sector. He also underlined areas of interest in Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Contact information of the Regional Representative of OICE: Mr. Antonio Martini tel. 041-5900277041-5900277 - Email: info@martiniingegneria.it.


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