At the Shanghai World Trade Center: the architectural exhibition “TOP DESIGN & TOP TECHNOLOGY” - 7/13 October

The inauguration of the Exhibition, at 11 a.m. on Thursday 7th October, will be devoted to the Chinese and Italian press. The exhibition is organised by OICE with the operational support of CIAOGROUP Consortium (head office at Chengdu) comprising the members:  Studio Amati, Polis, Reconsult, and Lenzi Consultant.
The "Architecture Week" will close officially on October 13th with the visit of Rome's mayor, Gianni Alemanno, together with the President of the Rome Employers' Association, Aurelio Regina, at Shanghai for ‘Rome Capital Week'. On the same date a workshop will be held on the theme of urban requalification, organised by the Ciaogroup Consortium. The workshop will see the participation, not only of the Director of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for Rome and Lazio, (architect Federica Galloni) and for the Rome Monuments and Fine Arts Service (architect Laura Cherubini), but also Chinese construction firms interested in urban requalification. A requalification project for part of the historic centre of Beijing (Shi cha hai and Baimixiejie) will be of particular interest and the discussion will focus on its validity at town-planning, architectural/restoration, social and business levels.
In the 400 square metres set up by the architect Mosè Ricci, of Studio RicciSpaini, Expo visitors will find several specimens of the best contemporary "made in Italy" design: from the Rome-Tiburtina high-speed railway station, signed by Paolo Desideri of ABDR, to Porta Susa by Silvio D'Ascia, from the Alenia - Aeronautica plant at Grottaglie by Studio Amati, to the restoration of Noto cathedral by Salvatore Tringale and Roberto de Benedictis and that of Palazzo Barberini by Laura Caterina Cherubini, as also the Colombo - Porta del Mare Corridor by Studio Giunti.  The works exhibited were selected by a scientific committee comprising: Giampaolo Imbrighi, designer of the Expo's Italian pavilion; Braccio Oddi Baglioni, OICE Chairman;  Cesare Trevisani, Vice-Chairman of the Italian Manufacturers' Association (Confindustria); Luigi Centola, Centola & Associati - Editor of; Mosè Ricci, Professor of the Faculty of Architecture at Genoa. The selection was based on the five themes inspiring the five sections into which the exhibition is divided: LIVE WELL, MOVE, PRODUCE, RESTORE, THE SILK ROAD.

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