Mediterranean Engineering Group

Programma MEG

OICE (Italian Association of Engineering and Architectural companies) and ICE (Italian Trade Agency) organize the 10th edition of MEG - Mediterranean Engineering Group - that will take place in Rome on November 27th and 28th 2014.

The Conference will be hosted by the Italian Trade Agency, Via Liszt 21 Rome -
MEG is an open multilateral partnership created in 2005 with the purpose of increasing regional integration and cohesion among Mediterranean Associations of Consulting Engineers.

OICE and ICE have programmed 4 sessions in this year edition (program attached):
1. Institutional session with the participation of members of the Italian Government and leading representatives of economic Institutions with special focus on financial instruments for the Mediterranean Area
2. 1st technical session focused on Transport Infrastructures - rail, airports, roads
3. 2nd technical session focused on Environment, Energy & Water
4. 3rd Technical session focused on Smart Cities

A dinner will be offered on Thursday 27th. There are no participation fees.

Hotel accommodation has been organized with Hotel dei Congressi, Viale Shakespeare 29 -



OICE's official video Mediterranean Engineering Group Rome, ICE, 2014 November 27-28 PUBLIC WORK PROCEDURES & EXECUTION SCHEDULES IN INDUSTRIALISED COUNTRIES An OICE Study
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